Infrastructure Maintenance

Computer Services Maintenance Windows

In order to maintain system integrity and improve the security of Computer Services managed system, a maintenance windows is proposed with the intention of performing security updates and perform a general check on the computer system. While this process is in place, system access will be unavailable. Computer Services strives to perform these updates at a time when the least amount of people might be affected.

Phase One will include two maintenance windows per month.

1) The first Friday of the month, 6 am through 8 am

  • Maintenance type: Core Servers
  • Services possibly affected: Servers, desktop computers, wireless access, Internet access, printing

2) The second Friday of the month, 6 am through 9 am

  • Maintenance type: Application Servers
  • Services possibly affected: Servers, financial systems, payroll, student information system

Computer Services personnel will make every effort to communicate the day before the maintenance is to occur, and on the day of the update to communicate when everything is "back to normal"

We are also providing a calendar of events that can be added to your own calendar here:

Computer Services Events

Contact the CS Service Desk or send us a ticket to to ask more information.